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Welcome to Global Network Technologies

Your no1. Solution provider for Controlled profitable networks

Global Networks Technologies provides the latest technologies to deliver state of the art networks that maximize control and provide operator profitability. Thus delivering the power and minimizing the cost in the deployment of revenue generating wireless networks.

Simple & versatile, our feature-rich gateway products are flexible, provide tiered licensing schemes and an all-inclusive design.

Whether in fixed wireless broadband, large scale hot-zones, WiFi hotspots or wired MDUs and campuses, we provide the perfect platform for clear communication, authoritative control and complete cognisance.

Contemporary profitable networks extract revenue from the end-user community through a combination of direct and indirect mechanisms. The classic business model that focuses on direct billing of end-users is giving way to hybrid models that employ advertising, user profiling and premium services with automated up-sell.

Profitability is directly related to the ability of the operator to provide clear and compelling communication, enforce strong and versatile control as well as gain prescient cognisance through deep instrumentation and auditing. Our systems are designed to address these specific needs of the network operator in a simple, unified and cost effective manner.


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Global Network Techologies is your no.1 choice for flexible, easy to operate, wireless access implementations.

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